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The Bible

Jumping Over Jesus (video)

How I View Christ & the Scriptures

John Walton on Genesis One (video)

The Limits of Canon

The Bible Made Impossible

The Law in James

Ephesians: The Eternal Purpose of God

Church & Culture

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

The Greatest Threat to the Missio Dei

Play-Doh & the Multi-Racial Kingdom of God

Shapeshifting Hippie Jesus

It’s Time to Brag on the Bride of Christ (video)

Thoughts on Privilege & Equal Rights

Deep Listening

Seeking Christian Unity

On Christian Community, Diversity & Equality

Pray for the Persecuted Church (video)

God is Not Cynical (So Why Are You?)

My Favorite Verse (video)

On Church Doctrinal Statements

Creeds & the Local Church

On Christian Cynicism

Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up? (2 parts)

Reassessing Church Leadership

The Problem with Modern-Day Preaching

Theology & Ethics

What Makes For a Peaceful Religion?

Morality: The Great Signpost

God is Love (Grounds for the Trinity) (video)

Extreme Makeover: WORLD Edition

Meeting Jesus at Abu Ghraib (video)

Jesus UnCrossed (video)

The Twilight Zone God (video)

Heaven is Not Our Home (video)

Theology Matters (video)

Who Gets Left Behind?

The Rapture Fallacy (1 Thess 4:16-17)

N.T. Wright on Heaven & Rapture Theology (video)

Rapture Theology: History & Influence (video)

Shane Claiborne on War & Violence (video)

Christ, Community & Christian Ethics: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Walking the Line: Staying Out of Theological Ditches

Surprised by Hope

Hell—Eternal Torture?

The Transfiguration of Christ

Trinity & Incarnation

Heaven to Earth: The Christian Hope in the Resurrection (3 parts)


Mike Breen on Discipleship

How Not To Make Disciples (video)

What’s Keeping You?

Human Sexuality

The Kingdom Effect on Human Sexuality

Letter From a Wounded Disciple

Why I Do Not Support or Oppose Gay Marriage

Support Us or You’re a Bigot? (video)

Addressing Homosexuality: A Third Way

Christian Holidays

The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter Sermon)

In the Spirit of Lent

N.T. Wright & Rob Bell on Resurrection (video)

Greg Boyd on Christmas (video)

Halloween & the Gospel

The Woman & the Dragon—Christmas in the Book of Revelation

Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus (3 parts)

Faith & Science

Rewiring the Brain for Greater Faith

Evidence for God: The Fine-Tuning of the Universe

Dark Matter vs. Dark Energy: War in the Heavens!

In Awe of the God of Science (video)

Astronomical Love

John Walton on Genesis One (video)

Does God Exist?

Open Theism & The Problem of Evil

How Jesus Rope-a-Doped the Devil

The Unseen Wrath of God (Divine Justice in a Culture of Miscreants)

Not Against Flesh & Blood (7-week sermon series on spiritual warfare)

Is God Good? (video)

Open Theology in MIB3 (video)

Reflection on Open 2013

An Open Theism Theodicy

I Was in Theater 9

Resisting the Devil: Satan’s Role in Suffering & the Christian’s Response


Anabaptism 101 (Sermon Series)

Bruxy Cavey on Anabaptist View of Church & State (video)

Greg Boyd on Anabaptist Mega-Churches

How Worship of the American Flag Changed Everything

Anabaptist Core Convictions

Finding the Naked Anabaptist (video)


Is Marriage a Covenant? by Paul Rhodes Eddy (3 parts)

Preparing for Marriage

Marriage & the Gospel of Jesus

Let No Man Put Asunder

The Gospel of Jesus

Why the World Hates Jesus of Nazareth (7-part series)

Then the End Will Come

The King Jesus Gospel

Historical Jesus

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? (video)

Give Up on the Historical Jesus?

The Jewish Religious World of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

Faith & Politics

Palm Sunday, Partisan Politics & the Power of the Cross

Flags of the Heart (The Real Problem)

How Worship of the American Flag Changed Everything

Is the Pledge Good for Our Kids? (video)

The Election, Satan & the Sovereignty of God

That’s My King — Election Day ’12 (video)

Empire: A Home For Demons

What Would Jesus Not Do?

Greg Boyd on Faith & Politics (video)

Monumental Myth

Myth of a Christian Nation

When Kingdoms Collide

Kingdom Conversations

Rethinking the Two Kingdoms

Jesus–Change We Have a Hard Time Believing In

Deeper Christian Life

Farewell to the Flesh (video)

It’s a Christian “Walk,” Not a Sprint

Biblical Faith (More Than a Feeling)

Encountering God in Our Pain

The Futility of Behavior Modification

Brennan Manning on the Compassion of Jesus Christ (video)

The Difference Between Conviction & Condemnation

Talking to Jesus on the Back Porch

Have You Checked Your Filters Lately?

Those Who Inspire Us

Greatness in the Kingdom

Christ the Center: The Journey from Religion to Relationship

Living Room Faith: The Couch of Completion

Hidden Treasure & Fine Pearls

New Year’s ReVolution

Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Religionless Christianity

The Unnatural Nature of Religion

Church Drama or Christ Dogma?

Religion’s Chains

Music & Faith

Us For Them (video)

Was Jesus a Rockstar? (video)

Josh Garrels on Believing (video)

Is God the Future of Rock Music? (video)

Is it “My Religion”? (video)

Organic Church

An Organic Church Challenge

A Shift in My Ecclesiology

1 Cor 14:26 Descriptive or Prescriptive?

Visiting an Organic Church

Organic Church Life: Doctrinal Issues

Organic Church Life: The Sunday Gathering

Organic Church Life: The Lord’s Supper

Organic Church Life: The Beginning

Prayers, Visions & Poetry

Sanctorum Communio (Communion of the Saints)

The Day of Fire: A Dream of Martyrdom & God’s Judgment

Satire & Humor

Rapture Palooza! (video)

Really Bad Church Names

John Calvin 3:16-21

Jesus on Money: The TBN Translation

Romans 13: The Patriotic Version

The Sermon on the Hill: American Beatitudes


David’s Theo Graff Podcast Interview

Q&A with Frank Viola

Q&A with Stuart Murray (author)

Q&A with Pastor Greg Boyd (3 parts)

David’s Interview on Gottalife Radio

Q&A with Andrew Byers (author)

Q&A with Becky Garrison (author)


Jesus Behaving Badly by Mark Strauss

Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty by Greg Boyd

Difference Makers: An Action Guide for Jesus Followers by Scott Boren

God’s Favorite Place on Earth by Frank Viola

Vision for 21st Century Evangelicalism (series of five books)

God Behaving Badly by David Lamb

Faith Without Illusions by Andrew Byers

Jesus, Paul, and the People of God by N.T. Wright

Life of Jesus by John Dickson (DVD)

What Saint Paul Really Said by N.T. Wright

Jesus Manifesto by Frank Viola & Leonard Sweet

The Community Life of God by Milt Rodriguez

What’s With Paul & Women? by Jon Zens

The Torch of the Testimony by John W. Kennedy

Radical Church Restoration (entire Frank Viola set)

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Madam Guyon


Denouncing Judge Dredd (Sermon)

Overcoming Cynicism (Sermon)

Not Against Flesh & Blood (7-week series on spiritual warfare)

The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter Sermon)

Anabaptism 101 (6-week series)

Heaven’s Watch & Hell’s Fury (video)

Video Blogs

On My Return to Vocational Ministry

Give It To Jesus

The Next Big Thing

How to Trust God (An Open View)

Challenging Creeds of Christendom

How Have You Changed?

Jesus IS the Resurrection

Growing Faith in Seasons of Doubt

Intro to Video Blogs

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