Blog News & Update 10/29/12

Hello, blog readers and subscribers! I hope that your weekend was restful and that your week is off to a great start. I wanted to share some blog news and give you the first official “blog update” for The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been blogging several times a month (on average) since February 2008. But this month I’ve started blogging on a regular schedule.

So, I thought an update was in order.

Creating More Lanes for Traffic

If you’re a subscriber (or regular reader who has yet to subscribe) to the blog, you have noticed that I’m now posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… with an occasional post on Saturday.

I’m currently teaching full-time and enjoying life with Kainan (ten week old son) and family. This means that there may be times where I post on different days of the week, but you can count on at least three posts a week.

I decided there is a great deal more that I should be pumping out to help others grow in their knowledge of the Lord. Also, it helps me grow as a writer, thinker, and communicator.

I pray it encourages you on your journey.

I will tell you that I have seen a tremendous difference over this past month just from posting more regularly. It seems that many of you have wanted more posts than you were getting.

Blog traffic has increased quite a bit, and there are many more subscribers who have joined just in the last two weeks.

I’m grateful, humbled, and encouraged. Thank you!

Blogging With a Purpose

As some of you may already know, it is my desire that this blog would contribute to biblical academic dialogue, encourage humble Christ-followers, and challenge honest skeptics.

As a young academic and an aspiring Christian mystic, this blog is unashamedly a reflection of my pursuit of Christ in spirit, soul, and body—the realm of the intellect as well as spiritual imagination.

I have a passion to help bridge the gaps between faith & reason, mind & spirit, church & academy, science & theology, etc.

While I often post stuff to stimulate the intellect, you can also expect devotional writings and other practical posts. See the “Deeper Christian Life” section at the Archives page.

Primarily, this blog is dedicated to those who are loving Jesus with all of their heart, soul, strength, and mind. As Paul said, “… so that in everything he might have the supremacy” (Col. 1:18).

How You Can Help

I want this blog to be accessible and readable. You can help me do that by taking the time to “join the discussion” through commenting on posts and giving feedback below each blog post you’ve read.

For example, one reader recently gave me an idea to create a “Terms” page that contains a list of theological words commonly used here at the blog. Would anyone else be interested in that sort of thing?

As I continue my attempts at maintaing a blog that is deeply theological and at the same time relevant to the spiritual life of my readers, I would like to ask that you share your thoughts on posts that resonate with you.

I have many readers and subscribers who have never commented here at the blog. While I’m thankful for those that do comment regularly, it would be beneficial to everyone if more folks would take the time to share.

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, your questions, and your concerns about the issues. I would love to hear from you.

Remember: When you do comment on the blog, try to keep it brief so as to foster discussion. You can “reply” to the post, or even respond directly to another person’s comment. This feature was previously turned off.

In the future, please consider the following ways of participating here at the blog: Comment on a post, “Like” the post, “Share” the post by clicking on a social network, or even kindly disagree with the post.

Just make sure you follow the blog Rules.

Last Week & Upcoming Posts

Here are the posts from last week:

I have recently been challenging rapture theology. In the coming days I will continue to question this pop-culture Christian teaching that I believe is unbiblical and even antithetical to the good news of Jesus.

This week I plan to begin addressing key “rapture” passages.

The Q&A blog interview with pastor-theologian Greg Boyd is underway. It looks like you can expect to see the full interview sometime next month.

You’re also likely to see Q&A with author-church planter Frank Viola at the end of the month. I’m a big fan of both of these guys.

Don’t miss the good stuff that’s coming. There may be another free book giveaway on the horizon.

Subscribe and stay tuned! I look forward to hearing from you.

D.D. Flowers, 2012.


About David D. Flowers

David received a B.A. in Religion from East Texas Baptist University and a M.T.S. in Biblical Studies from Houston Graduate School of Theology. David has over 20 years experience as a pastor and teacher in and outside the church. He currently pastors an Anabaptist congregation in Pennsylvania. View all posts by David D. Flowers

8 responses to “Blog News & Update 10/29/12

  • Reina

    I look forward to the increase in the frequency of your posts. I am learning and being challenged about what I think and know… so thank you. I am particularly interested in your upcoming posts on rapture as I seem to be somewhat conflicted in what I believe.

    I look forward to reading what you have to say and the biblical support for it. Thanks brother, and may the Lord bless you in your blog ministry!

  • Joshua Lawson (@lawsonJ23)

    Your blog was the first I ever read and that which inspired me to begin blogging myself three years ago, David. I’m glad to see you ramping things up. Blessings!

  • Cindy Skillman

    I really appreciate what I’ve come to think of as the simple church atmosphere (not that it’s exclusive to SC/OC) in that any and all respectful questions/comments are acceptable. You and I sometimes disagree, but you’re always open to discussing these disagreements, and you refrain from scolding, belittling, etc., as some others are wont to do. Thanks. 😀

    It’s one of the things I love about a group of brothers and sisters who all love the Lord and are all seeking the truth rather than simply to uphold cherished doctrines.

  • Paul Harlan

    Paul Harlan here (again):

    David, I join with others in saying that I appreciate what you are doing. I don’t have the time to read everything, but I really appreciate what Cindy said about your “not scolding, etc.”

    Now I want to ask your comment on “Creation Research” that has moved to Dallas?, but was once in San Diego County: In the light of Acts 1:6 thru 8, are these folk being helpful or are they throwing up a road block over an event that is past, no matter how one views it? You may have guessed, my feelings on this issue (GRIN).

  • pat

    Glad that you are blogging more! I also am learning and being challenged . It’s an exciting journey! Appreciate all that you do David! Looking forward to the Q&A with Frank Viola.

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