Looking for more than a simple blog post? The following is a growing collection of David’s essays and academic papers:

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Brief Survey of the Historical Evidence

Christ, Community, & Christian Ethics: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

The Transfiguration: Theological Interpretation of the Glorified Christ

Trinity & Incarnation: Finding a Biblical Christology Within a Trinitarian Monotheism

Let No Man Put Asunder: Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce

An Open Theism Theodicy: Gregory Boyd on the Problem of Evil

Christian Gnosticism in the Pastorals?

Hell: Eternal Torture?

The Jewish Religious World of Jesus

Heaven to Earth: The Christian Hope in the Resurrection

When Kingdoms Collide

Resisting the Devil: Satan’s Role in Suffering & the Christian’s Response

The Law in James

Ephesians: The Eternal Purpose of God

Christ the Center: The Journey from Religion to Relationship

The Problem with Modern-Day Preaching


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