Those Who Inspire Us

I’ve been inspired by many people in my lifetime. There are times when the Lord reveals himself to us in someone else’s struggles and victories. The Lord takes an ordinary person and does something extra-ordinary in them. Their gifts and talents are used to inspire us to rise above the opposition and challenges we’re facing. We are emboldened by them.

It may be to overcome temptation, an addiction, or some other dehumanizing practice that keeps us in bondage. Those who inspire us can also help us to dream, take risks for the Kingdom, and to pursue what we otherwise would have believed was beyond ourselves. The Lord uses these people to enrich our hearts, expand our minds, and empower the body.

Those who inspire you are flesh and blood examples of the Lord alive today wanting to bless you.

Sometimes there are those who continue to inspire us throughout our entire lives. Time and again these people are a deep source of encouragement and hope for us. Anytime we feel that we’ve reached a dead end, or there is a mountain too high for us, the mere thought of these individuals speak words of life to our soul:

“Keep going. Believe. Don’t give up. There is more. Take it.”

While I have been supported and encouraged by a great many people throughout my life, there are only a few (3 or 4) that I can say continually inspire me—in ways that go beyond their mere abilities.

I see in them the Lord himself, and his ability to be faithful and true to the promises he has made. These people remind me that Jesus is alive, that he loves me, and that he wants to use me for his glory. And do so in the same breathtaking way that he has used them.

The Lord says, “I did this for them. And I can do it for you.”

Those who have inspired us are true inspirations because they don’t live for themselves. They have emptied themselves. Their cup has been filled with the Lord’s wine. And they give off a sweet aroma of God’s goodness in Christ. We’re attracted to the Christ in them, and that same Christ calls us to believe—believe that new creation is possible in you and through you.

So, who inspires you like this? In what ways are their example breeding faith, hope, and love? What is the Lord calling you to do as a result of this inspiration? Are you letting him have his way in it?

Those who inspire us are gifts from God. Evidence of the incarnate Christ.

Think about it.

D.D. Flowers, 2012.


About David D. Flowers

David received a B.A. in Religion from East Texas Baptist University and a M.T.S. in Biblical Studies from Houston Graduate School of Theology. David has over 20 years experience as a pastor and teacher in and outside the church. He currently pastors an Anabaptist congregation in Pennsylvania. View all posts by David D. Flowers

6 responses to “Those Who Inspire Us

  • john morris

    David, thanks for this encouragement. I have several people that I would like to tell you about, men and women who have been used greatly in my life by the Lord.
    1) Steve F.- Took me under his wing, with his wife Linda, back in the late 70’s, shortly after I came to Christ. Opened his life completely to me, bought a house big enough that myself and a couple other brothers could live with them, and them spent years of discipling us, showing us Christ all along the way. They never expected anything in return, except love. He still to this day, is someone who I can call, at any time, about any thing at all. He runs a very successful advertising business in South Florida. He still stays in contact with so many of use from years past. He was instrumental in my wife and I coming together, and was the one who performed our wedding ceremony. A truly incredible servant of Christ.
    2) Phil A.- Met him about the same time as Steve, we were all part of the same ministry group. A true radical, in just about every sense. A very educated man, who saw a way to go to Muslim countries, working as a teacher and leader to work on the surface with schools and hospitals. That in itself was significant, he however worked and is still working underground, bringing converts to Christ, and working with the underground church. It is a very dangerous life he has chosen, he is fully dedicated to this, and I admire him greatly for it. His wife (and children also chose this as well).
    3) Tim & Darcie G.- Also known these two for many years. They live close by here (north Florida), and we spend time with them regularly. They work with saints all over the world, who are persecuted. They spend much of their own money serving these brothers and sisters who are suffering, simply because they have chosen to follow Christ. I truly love and admire them for their service to the Body of Christ the way they do.
    4) Milt R- I have only known Milt for a few years, he however has made an impression on my life that is going to last into eternity. His complete dedication to serving the Body of Christ is most inspiring. He pours himself into groups of believers, all around the globe, who want to know how to follow Christ in a truly “organic” way. His focus is always on Christ, and that is what he promotes. With his wife Mary they have traveled from city to city, building up groups of Christ followers into a Body of believers who function as the Church.
    I know there are others I could mention, these are the ones who first came to mind. My heart longs to spend time with these brothers and sisters. I miss them when I don’t hear from them, and long to be with them together again. What a glorious time we all will have in Christ when the time is right. Thanks again for the opportunity to mentions these jewels in the Crown.

  • Warren Aldrich

    About the time I realized that the men and women of the Bible were no different than I that concept supported the whole value of community. Our lives can be transformational for each other.
    That would explain the New Testament model of all believers in a group contributing value equally although differently.
    Many times I have been inspired by someone either IRL or on Facebook.

  • Phillip Martin

    Yes you inspire me bro :p keep on being the awesome and godly man you are as you continue to help others see and live with Christ as the center.

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