Theo Graff Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by my friend T.C. Moore on his Theo Graff Podcast–a “Jesus-centered, hip-hop flavored, geeky, theological, Kingdom exploration” broadcast.

The podcast is fairly new, but T.C. has already interviewed some interesting folks, including my friends Jessica Kelley and Greg Boyd.

T.C. asks questions ranging from my own faith pilgrimage to what it means to embrace an “Anabaptist spirit” that is offering a hopeful Kingdom vision of the future, particularly in a post-Christendom age.

Give my interview a listen when you have some time.

In the second half of the podcast I talk about a book on Anabaptism that I’m working on with Tyler Tully. Also, I give a challenge for cynic saints who are stuck in their faith, even angry with the church. Enjoy and be blessed!

For more on what is mentioned in the interview, check out the following:

D.D. Flowers, 2014.


About David D. Flowers

David received a B.A. in Religion from East Texas Baptist University and a M.T.S. in Biblical Studies from Houston Graduate School of Theology. David has over 20 years experience as a pastor and teacher in and outside the church. He currently pastors an Anabaptist congregation in Pennsylvania. View all posts by David D. Flowers

2 responses to “Theo Graff Podcast Interview

  • rwwilson147

    Your blog at has a Twitter feed with your name/account showing a picture of T.C. Moore. Seems odd to me, but maybe I don’t do Twitter enough to understand how it works. However, if I right click on “David D. Flowers” or “@ddflowers” for a new tab it goes to and has T.C. Moore’s picture not yours there. Check it out.

    BTW, I was just in Christiansburg this past weekend for the VT surplus auction. I’m thinking that next time I come I might try to get together with you, perhaps the evening of Friday, Sept. 5th, if you are available. I ended up going to the Hunan buffet on Roanoke Ave for dinner last Fri and might go there again; it isn’t a great buffet, maybe not even good, but seems adequate to a lot of people apparently. In any case, if I get out ahead of my schedule I’ll try to contact you before I come.

    All the best to you and yours in your growing ministry in Christ, Richard Wilson

    David D. Flowers @ddflowers

    • David D. Flowers

      Hey Richard,
      I’m not sure what problem you ran into that involved Twitter. 🙂

      I would love to meet up, though I’m not sure on Friday. I’m likely to be at home with my son while my wife is finishing up work. It depends on what time. I might be able to get away, but can’t guarantee it.

      Thanks for following the blog!

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