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John Walton on Genesis One

John H. Walton (PhD, Hebrew Union College) is professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament; Ancient Israelite Literature in Its Cultural Context; Covenant: God’s Purpose, God’s Plan; The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament; and A Survey of the Old Testament.

He has also written Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology (academic text) and the popular version, The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate (IVP, 2009), which I highly recommend.

I have found Walton’s interpretation of the biblical creation account(s) not only to be in keeping with the ancient historical context and the genres of OT literature, but also refreshing in how his views are throwing open the door to the allowance of scientific discovery in pursuit of God.

I think Walton’s research can be a tremendous encouragement to those evangelicals who wish to bridge the modern gap between faith and science.

Do you think evangelicals are often guilty of ignoring the ancient context of the biblical writers? Do you think a “literal” reading of all Scripture is more spiritual? How are you reconciling Scripture with scientific claims and discoveries being made about the nature of the universe?

D.D. Flowers, 2012.

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