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Greg Boyd on Christmas

Greg Boyd recently began a video Q&A over at ReKnew.org. I thought some of my readers might find his thoughts on Christmas helpful.

Is Christmas a pagan holiday? Should Christians celebrate Christmas? 

Questions and concerns about how (or even if) Christians should celebrate certain holidays are raised by the church every year.

Not long ago I created a section on the Archives page dedicated to holidays. My article on Halloween & the Gospel is oddly enough one of the most popular posts here at the blog. It’s clear people care about these issues.

You can expect more posts to come on holidays as we learn how to express our faith as a counter-cultural movement. It is clear that many Christians really want to do the right thing during the holidays. Sometimes we simply need to be reminded, challenged, and jolted into renewed action.

Listen to Greg give a brief history lesson and share his thoughts on how Christians should navigate through the Christmas season.

What do you think about what Greg has shared? How do you celebrate Christmas with your family? How can we celebrate Christmas without glorifying greed? Let’s be intentional in the way we celebrate this year.

D.D. Flowers, 2012.

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