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Challenging Creeds of Christendom

When was the last time you read over your church’s creed or statement of faith? What does it say about Jesus? Have you checked lately?

Our creeds are often reflective of Christendom. (See the Nicene & Apostles Creed)

“Christendom” is the church militant and triumphant—Christ wielding a sword of political and military power.

It began with the 4th century Roman emperor, Constantine. He claimed to be a Christian in order to pander to Christians for support of his rule. It was strictly a political move. Looking around today, some things never change.

Once the church and state merged, Christendom was born. And the first-century Jewish Messiah is gutted for a palatable Roman Christ which becomes a cheerleader for the state.

This is reflected in creeds involving Jesus where his teachings are absent. Doctrine is promoted over and against behavior and adherence to Christ’s commands. At this point, we’re not followers of Jesus, just his fans.

In the following video blog, I mention how a survey of evangelical websites has turned up a sanitized Jesus that is all too common in our churches today.

Why do so many churches leave out their commitment to following the teachings of Jesus? It’s time to challenge the creeds of Christendom and testify to the Jesus of the Gospels. What do you think?

D.D. Flowers, 2013.

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